Making it Personal

Another advantage of making in the UK is the ability to ‘make to order’ or customise an item when it is requested. There will always be limits to what I can manage to do, but I will always do everything I can to try to help.

Please do be aware though that there will be an additional charge for any extra work carried out. It will also, typically add from 7 working days, onto your standard delivery times. For further information on dispatch and delivery times please see here.

Also, I am not able to refund or exchange any Bespoke items which have been made or altered to your specifications, so please take extra care and ensure accuracy when ordering.

Monogramming & Embroidery

Extremely popular for bridal gifting, but great for any occasion or even just for yourself, monogramming is a great way to make an item truly unique and special.

All embroidery work is done ‘out of house’ by a local small embroidery business that I work with.

Currently we offer a standard service design of up to 3 initials, which can be embroidered onto most items (check the ‘Details at a Glance’ section on the product page). There is a charge of £10 for this service.

More complex commissions (such as alternative sizing, the use of a full name, a personal message or a change of position on the garment etc.) are also available. If you would like to discuss your ideas please contact me here.

Alteration, Fit & Lengths

Having worked in Bridal and Clothing Alterations for some years previously I am well aware that everyone is wonderfully unique, and one size certainly does not fit all body shapes.

I am more than happy to help where I can in terms of providing specific leg and sleeve lengths, as well as any other small fit alterations that you might need. Please contact me to enquire here.


I am happy to take on commissions if there is something you can’t find that you would really like and it is possible for me to make it for you. It isn’t always possible, but I will always try my hardest and I am happy to advise. Please be aware that this kind of work can be a lengthy process and is charged by the hour.

I always enjoy receiving your creative or fit related requests, so if you would like any further information or to discuss any design or embellishment ideas, please contact me here.